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-Back in the UK-

        I left Wudang after a two and a half month visit that began in September and arrived back in London on November 23rd.  So far it’s been a whirlwind trip.  I have taught several well-attended workshops in both London and Oxford as well as joining up with some of the students who joined my training trip in Wudang this past September.

        On Saturday November 26 I taught a workshop at the Tang Long Chinese Culture Centre focusing on using the systematic kicking methodology of the 36 Kicks from our lineage to improve overall kicking technique.  Less than a week later I headed over to Oxford with my student Giles Yeates and his Daoshu Oxford group to offer the same workshop as well as another focusing on Taiji fundamentals.  These workshops were fantastic and a great opportunity for students to have a taste of the traditional gong 功 necessary for truly improving one’s practice. 

        On December 10th the Tang Long Chinese Culture Center in London hosted me for another great workshop.  This time the workshop focused on the Six Harmonies and Five Elements that comprise the Xingyi system.   It is always such a pleasure to train with the Daoshu Oxford and Tang Long communities, something I always look forward to when I come to the UK.   Sadly some of the participants are missing from photos because of prior commitments.  If you are in the UK and looking for quality training, please check out the links below.   More news to come soon!

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