-First Wudang Trip-

September 16-29

        This year marked the first time that I took a group of students to Wudang in order to take part in a two week long intensive training course This was also my first time returning to Wudang after a two year absence after the conclusion of my class.  The group was intentionally kept small in order to make sure each student received an abundant training experience.  Three student who had trained with me prior to the trip traveled together from London and arrived on the 14th, while another student from America arrived a few days later.  We began training on Friday, the 16th in the mid-September heat of Wudang.


        Over the following two weeks everyone trained devotedly and made major advances in their specific training disciplines and conditioning practices.  Each day was filled with four classes which included qigong, basics and conditioning, forms practice, and evening meditation.  I also hosted two lectures on the basics of Five Phase Theory 五行理论 and a comprehensive overview of Daoist history and development.  While everyone trained hard day in and day out, we also took the opportunity to take part in some other enjoyable activities.  I invited my Master’s son to play a private performance of several guqin 古琴pieces and we took a full day trip up the mountain in order to visit some of the major temples and palaces. 


        I will be running more trips like this in the future, so keep checking in for updates!  Click the pictures below for full size.

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