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Vision for the Future

                Upon becoming a in-room disciple of his Master, Zi He was given the solemn responsibility of spreading the abundant practices and traditions of the Wudang San Feng Lineage and Daoism to the West.  Zi He is working hard to open a school where students can immerse themselves in traditional Daoist practices and also become part of a diverse and thriving community of inspired and like-minded individuals.  He aims to have students integrate training in traditional Daoist practices into their lives and make holistic lifestyle changes in order to enjoy greater health and well-being.  He strives to create a school where students will work to promote a positive training atmosphere, inspiring others to excel and deepen their self-cultivation by actively engaging in their learning.


                Zi He encourages students to make their practice as much a part of their lives as eating and sleeping.  He teaches practices for every age and ability level and has worked hard to create a series of varying curricula to insure that students excel and learn beyond superficial rote movement – instead taking steps to pierce to the pith and essence of each practice.  Through Zi He’s teaching he helps students to understand and define the goals of their training and map out the necessary steps it takes to achieve them.

自强不息 厚德载物

        One of Zi He's goals is to create a school offering a variety of programs, courses, and classes to keep students engaged and inspired in their learning and to experience different types of training – creating well rounded and knowledgeable students, instructors, and disciples.  Zi He aims to create more than just a school; he aims to create a community.  We hope to have a space where students can relax, enjoy Chinese tea together, and socialize.   By combining traditional training methodology with personal innovations, Zi He hopes to teach outstanding practitioners as well as transmit his teachings to the next generation of disciples. 


        In the future Zi He will host guest teachers and masters for workshops, seminars, and lectures.  Alongside training, he will host a series of monthly lectures in a class called "Concepts and Context".  This class format will offer students the means to contextualize their training, ask questions, and deeper understand some of the different concepts and theories being explored in training.  Through this class Zi He will also elucidate relevant history of China, Chinese martial arts, Wudang, Daoism, and the San Feng Lineage with the hopes of further enriching students’ practice. 

        Zi He is working hard to raise the capital necessary to eventually purchase land and erect a building in which to run classes from.  In the future he hopes to be able to build a school with a large outdoor courtyard for training.  Zi He has been charged with the great responsibility of sharing and spreading the practices of Wudang with the rest of the world.  It is his hope that in the future, with collaboration of his kung fu brothers and other Daoists, that he will be able to build a Daoist temple in America where students can go to live, train full time, and learn Daoist culture.  Gong fu is more than martial arts, it is a rich culture and a way of life.  And for those who pursue it, it is life itself.

        In 1985 fourteenth generation San Feng Lineage Master Zhong Yun Long 钟云龙 was given the enormous task of traveling around China to search out the different Daoist masters who had fled from persecution during the calamities of The Cultural Revolution and bring their practices back to Wudang so they would not be lost.  He spent 3 years seeking out and training with various different Masters including Kuang Chang Xiu 匡常修 in Laoshan, famous for his unbelievable kicks.  A tradition of kicks that remains strong within the San Feng lineage to this day.


        Upon his return, he began teaching disciples – one of whom was Zi He’s Master, 15th generation disciple Yuan Xiu Gang.  Master Yuan quickly became recognized by his Master, Grandmasters, and other members of the Daoist and martial arts community as being extremely diligent in his training and devotion to Daoist practices as a Daoist priest and Daoist wushu practitioner – quickly becoming the head officiating priest in ceremony and inheriting many esoteric practices that were not taught to any other disciples. 

        Master Yuan eventually left the mountain in order to open his own academy for training students in Daoist wushu and spread the practices of Wudang to a much greater audience.  In 2009, Master Yuan opened the first and last International Traditional Class – a class comprised of foreign disciples he hoped would carry the teachings and spread them to the rest of the world.  Since early on, Master Yuan spoke of this great task in which he was giving to Zi He.  Zi He trained with devotion and diligence and is now prepared to further pursue this great work of sharing the practices of Wudang with the rest of the world.

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