Preventing illness before it invades

The Harmonizing Path focuses on a variety of different practices for cultivating greater health and harmony in students' lives.  This path integrates all aspects of the individual and their interrelation in managing overall harmony and balance.

It focuses on instructing students to take their health and harmony into their own hands by offering a variety of practices to help students integrate practice into their lives with confidence and informed knowledge.

Students can learn a variety of different practices and approaches for managing and improving holistic health including: daoyin/qigong, taijiquan, meditation, stretching, Daoist dietetics, applied theory, philosophy, lifestyle management, etc.

Daoist medicinal practice approaches the health of the body as a path leading to deepening one's cultivation.  As such, our approach is on maintaining and improving health and not simply managing sickness.  Through practice we learn to approach deficiency from the roots instead of removing the branches.









Repetitive practices which emphasize breath, posture, movement, and improving the general condition of the body, mind, and spirit.  Great for building foundations in a holistic practice to improve physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  Building foundations in deeper cultivation.

Integrated practice of one's whole being as expressed through a moving forms practice emphasizing posture, coordination, and intention for cultivating harmony, health, and balance as well as adding greater depth and meaning in one's physical, emotional, and spiritual existence.

Seated and standing practices for cultivating stillness, harmony, wisdom, and health.  Through stillness one cultivates greater self-awareness, harmony, and the conditions for entering deeper realms of consciousness and awareness in cultivating one's potential.

Combining education in Daoist and Chinese medicine theories with the cultivation of greater awareness of one’s unique bodily tapestry, students can learn to eat optimally for their bodies - learning to eat with the seasons and recognize that food is medicine.

Applying philosophy and theory to live in a simple, fulfilling way that is intrinsic to the individual.  Harmony is not static, it is an art of balance.  It is created within by living with integrity, simplicity, humility, and dedication.

Life is Cultivation

Living in retirement beyond the world,

Silently enjoying isolation,

I pull the rope of my door tighter,

And grip tight the wine jug.

My spirit is tuned to the spring season;

At the fall of the year autumn is in my heart.

Thus following the ways of heaven and earth,

My cottage becomes a universe.

陆云 (262-303)

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