May in Australia

        I arrived in the southern hemisphere back on May 3rd and have been in Victoria, Australia for the past month.  I was invited here by my student and friend, Le Le, and her husband, David to teach them privately on their vineyard.  We have also been offering exclusive single day retreats here at their vineyard as well as running a gamut of different workshops in and around Melbourne.


        My single day retreats have been with a variety of different participants, including medical professionals, young students, and people dealing with chronic illness.  On the weekend of May 12th and 13th I led a 2-day intensive Introduction to Daoist Meditation practice.  The workshop was hosted by The Contemplary, a not-for-profit organization that offers meditation and contemplation based workshops in Melbourne.  On Saturday, May 20th I taught an intensive Five Elements Qigong workshop at Six Harmonies Martial Arts Academy in Melbourne with Shifu Stewart Holdsworth.  On Sunday, May 28th I also taught an Introduction to Wudang Taiji workshop in Torquay at Five Elements Kung Fu Academy with Shifu Adam Martin.

In every workshop and private course, I have been greeted with warm, open hospitality from the individual participants, martial arts communities, and their leaders.  This is my first trip to Australia, but not the last.  At the request of Le Le and David I have decided to stay for another full month here in Victoria.  During my time here I have also visited a sanctuary with a variety of different indigenous animals.  Here are some fun facts about koalas:

  • Koalas can run faster than rabbits

  • Koalas front paws have two thumbs

  • Koalas sleep up to 20 hours per day

  • When koalas are born they are only about the size of a jellybean

        I will be here until July 6th before I jump off to New Zealand, Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and Oakland.  Check out the pictures and video below.  More news to come about the rest of my time here in The Upside-Down.

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