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-One Minute Documentary-

        Several years ago during my training in Wudang, my Master called me on a cold Thursday morning to go to the temple to help translate for him with an Italian documentarian.  Shortly after that, the documentarian, named Gennaro Ambrosino, released his documentary "Opening Dao" featuring my Master.  Several years later I arrived in London and stopped by the Tang Long Chinese Cultural Centre to ask about teaching there.  After speaking with the owners for a while, they informed me that a student of there’s had made a documentary about Wudang.  I then went home and watched it… and there was my Master, and me off camera translating for him.

        I met with Gennaro soon after that and we had a laugh about yuanfen 缘分 (affinity).  Recently Gennaro and I were doing some filming together and he was coincidentally contacted about entering a one-minute documentary competition judged by British filmmaker Philip Bloom.  The videos with the most YouTube likes are shortlisted in the competition.  Please take a moment to help out my friend Gennaro by watching and liking the video!

        Also, have a look at Gennaro’s website:

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