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Training Ethic and Philosophy

"In order to be at peace, one must begin by first learning how to strengthen and understand themselves."    


    As a disciple of the Wudang San Feng Lineage, Rui Zi He also considers it his responsibility to teach all of the Wudang San Feng wushu system including Taiji, Liangyi, Bagua, Xingyi, soft and hard qi gong, Health Cultivation Qi Gong, the Northern Longfist System, different weapons, etc.  For more information on the different aspects of the system, please view the drop down menu under Training Ethic and Philosophy.


    In keeping with his goals of sharing Wudang kung fu with the rest of the world, Rui Zihe is available for teaching short term and long term seminars as well as giving lectures.  Rui Zihe teaches seminars and workshops on all of the different practices of the Wudang San Feng system.  For questions or to request more information on arranging seminars or workshops with Rui Zihe, please feel free to contact him directly at

Personal Philosophy on Cultivation

    Rui Zi He has over 10 years of experience as both a student and a teacher.  Knowing that all students learn differently, he has reflected on the different teaching approaches he has been taught under as well as used his own experience to develop several different teaching methodologies that suit different students and class formats.


    Rui Zi He strongly believes that every student should take an active role in their training, not simply being cycled through a class or memorizing movements.  All students have the potential to understand the essence of their practice by being provided guidance as well as the proper tools for self-evaluation.  It is important that students develop a relationship with their practice and feel connected to it.  With this foundation built, students can feel more confident in their continued learning and have a greater investment in their training.


    For students interested in establishing a greater foundation in their practice and feeling more connected to their learning, Rui Zi He holds classes that help to initiate greater bodily awareness by focusing on the alignment of the spine, shoulders, chest, and load-bearing joints and learning how to integrate this alignment in basic movement synthesized with dantian breathing exercises.   This type of class format allows for students to have a strong foundation to build off of in all of their goals in training.  Rui Zi He uses this method in order to prepare students for learning the different internal systems (Taiji, Xingyi, Bagua, and Liangyi) of the San Feng Lineage.

    In Daoist practice great emphasis is placed on improving health.  Most people when hearing the word “health” immediately think of physical health.  However Rui Zi He prefers to take a more integrated and holistic approach in understanding and promoting health.   In discussing health it is necessary to consider the various different manifestations of health which include physical, emotional, familial, social, work related, etc.  If one of these areas of personal health is effected, it can easily affect other areas.  For example: If not properly regulated and dealt with, a difficult or stressful work environment can often times affect one’s energy levels, family and social interactions, quality of sleep, etc.


    With this approach to understanding health, one can develop a greater view of health as a management of harmony from both within and without.  In Daoist practice, the ultimate goal is to be at peace and in harmony with oneself and one’s surroundings.  In order to be at peace, one must begin by first learning how to strengthen and understand themselves.    

    The health and balance of the emotions is greatly linked to the health of the internal organs of the body.  Through learning supplementary exercises to promote the strengthening of the different organs, bodily systems, and circulations one can greatly improve both one's emotional and physical health.  

Kung Fu as Character Building


    Daoist wushu practitioners say 以武修道 (yi wu xiu dao) – wushu is a tool for cultivating Dao – one can also translate this as using wushu as a tool for cultivating one’s character.  For practitioners of Daoist wushu our main goal is to use wushu to better understand ourselves in order to cultivate our character, improve our wisdom, and help others. 


    Daoists also say 生活是一种修炼 (sheng huo shi yi zhong xiu lian) – life is cultivation.  What this means is that regardless of what one may do with one's life, whether they be a teacher, farmer, or businessman, there is always the potential to use every day as an opportunity for personal cultivation.  It is not necessary to resign from societal life and retreat to a cave in order to gain great wisdom and find harmony and balance within oneself.  One need simply to realize the opportunities that are present everyday.

    It is Rui Zi He’s belief that the many years he spent diligently practicing and cultivating were completely in preparation for his reintegration with the outside world and sharing the knowledge and wisdom cultivated during his years of training with all who are willing to learn. 

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