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Using the wisdom of the past to guide us into the future.


Jeff’s teaching combines hard-won wisdom gleaned from his immersion in the Daoist wushu tradition with an evolving and progressive pedagogical approach.  He has refined the essence of each path of practice to its most accessible format, facilitating learning for students of all walks of life. 

Jeff has distilled a complete and copious system of practices, cultivation methods, and knowledge into three distinct “paths” of practice ensuring that students are engaged in their own process of learning.  Providing appropriate context and applied concepts for an abundant, fulfilling, and high caliber training experience.

Challenging, growth centered training combined with philosophy, theory, internal cultivation practices, and a pursuit of harmony are the focuses of Wudang Wudao.  Our practice is our life and our life is our practice.  Every moment is an opportunity to train and cultivate.

With three different paths of training, students are encouraged to find the path that suits their needs and interests best.  Click below for more information on each path.  "A journey of 1,000 miles begins beneath one's feet."  Are you ready to begin your journey?


Three Paths. One School

Traditional Path


    Focusing on cultivating excellent, adept, and knowledgeable practitioners with outstanding practice and character.  Training is rigorous and truly in pursuit of tempering both the body, as well as the sword of the spirit.  Major emphasis is placed on drilling and expression through form as well as live combat and theory. 

"Neijia" Path


    Major emphasis is placed on harmonizing a cultivated internal coordination with the external body through conditioned choreographed movement, form, combat, and embodied theory.  As rigorous as the Traditional Route, but with different emphasis and training methods

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Harmonizing Path


    Building the foundations of posture, breath, and heart-mind adjustment, traditional Daoist nourishing and “yangsheng” practices can revolutionize the quality of students’ lives. Focusing on nourishing qigong, daoyin, and meditation practices for harmonizing the health of the body, heart-mind, and spirit. 

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