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I do not know its name; if forced, I call it Dao.

What is Dao?  What relevance does tradition have in the modern world?  What is Five Phase Theory and how does it apply to life?  What do fighting and weapons training have to do with a tradition focused on harmony?  Is Daoism a religion or philosophy?

Beginning one's practice is often called 'entering the mountains'.  Whether considering the first steps or ascending their peaks, we offer a variety of classes, lectures, and social gatherings for exploring, considering, and evoking thought on life, Dao, and practice.

Our Concepts and Context lectures teach theory, history, and context to enrich students' training experience.  Our Pursuing Dao gatherings offer students a relaxed atmosphere to socialize and contemplate the practice, Daoist thought and text, and life together. 

Occasionally, we host gatherings called yaji, where people come together to drink tea, discuss theory, literature, and art and appreciate traditional music.  It is our goal to create a community of inspired practitioners who learn and grow together.  Click for event list.

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