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Daoyin and Qigong

    Some of the most utilized methods of cultivation in Daoism are the practices of Daoyin 导引 and Qigong 气功.  There are numerous different types of Daoyin and Qigong practice.  Most are methods of harmonizing the body and mind by using repeated exercises aiming to supplement deficiencies within the body’s different organ systems.  The practice of Health Qi Gong can help regulate stress, stabilize the mind, improve circulation and flexibility, improve circulation of blood and energy, strengthen the body's different organ systems, strengthen the immunity and the body's ability to protect against sickness, and improve one’s overall health condition.  Qi gong is suitable for male and female students of all ages.


    One of the greatest benefits of Health Qi Gong practice is for a practitioner to build a greater understanding of the workings of his or her own body; how it works, ways to identify, regulate, and address deficiences; and nurture a more integrated experience of the body - one that understands its different systems and processes and how to regulate them.  When we have a greater understanding of our bodies and how they work, we can begin to enjoy life more and live life to its fullest potential.



    Rui Zi He teaches several different types of qi gong.  In keeping with his personal training ethic and philosophy, he teaches Qi Gong practices in a manner that allows for students to move beyond simply memorizing movement.  His teaching method allows for students to be fully engaged in awareness of their own practice by actively guiding students through all aspects of their training.  It is Rui Zi He’s firm belief that students can only learn via their own experience.   This is directly in keeping with the adage 师父领进门,修行靠个人 (Shi fu ling jin men, xiu xing kao ge ren) The Master can only show the door, a student must walk through on his own.


    Alongside the different Health Qi Gong practices, Rui Zi He also teaches several different Martial Qi Gong Systems including Dragon Claw, Iron Body, Cotton Palm, Iron Palm, and Iron Forearm.


Health Qigong Systems Taught:


  • Hun Yuan Zhuang - perfect for beginners to establish a foundation and greatly beneficial for more experienced practitioners to improve their internal cultivation



  • Ba Duan Jin - Eight Pieces of Brocade - a gentle practice for opening up the bodies meridians to improve circulation of qi and blood and promote greater health of the organs



  • Seated Ba Duan Jin - Seated Eight Pieces of Brocade - 8 simple practices performed in a seated meditation posture with a focus on kidney health and harmonizing qi within the body



  • Five Phases/Animals Qigong - a practice focusing on improving flexibility, range of motion in the joints, and bolstering the health of the kidneys, lungs, liver, spleen, and heart



  • Five Animal Frolic - an ancient form of moving qigong practice that mimics the movement of the tiger, deer, bear, monkey, and crane to improve the health of the internal organs, etc.



  • Crane Standing Qi Gong - a practice focusing on improving the health of the heart and kidneys, as well as balance and flexibility


  • Tong Zi Gong - 3 levels of Daoist cultivation

Benefits of Practicing Health Qigong:


  • Improves circulation of blood, qi, and nutrients in the body


  • Improved range of motion in the joints


  • Strengths the load-bearing joints of the body


  • Relieves tension in the neck, shoulders, and lower back - major places  where tension and stress and stiffness tend to build


  • Improved posture and balance


  • Greater integration of mind-body connection and experience of the body


  • Brings awareness and mindfulness into movement and a focus on breath brings a greater sense of calm and serenity


  • Brings about greater feeling of balance in one's life


  • Improves cardio-pulmonary functioning


  • Greatly beneficial for mood disorders such as depression and generalized anxiety


  • Improves cardiovascular health - lowers resting heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels


  • Helpfully in alleviating chronic postural, muscular, and tendon problems as well as other chronic problems that accumulate over time through work, poor posture habits, etc.


  • Greatly beneficial in reducing stress


  • Helpful in promoting greater digestion

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