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The relationship between shixiongdi (kungfu brothers) is a strong one that is built through training and life.  A few months after I first arrived in Wudang, a young guy from Taiwan showed up to learn.  I remember sitting in the office doing work for my Master when I first met him.  Over the next few months we became close friends and spent hours on end training together as well as sharing meals and time relaxing.  We lived down the hall from eachother for 2 years and when the International Traditional Class began, we decided to be roommates.  

During those two years before the start of the International Traditional Class, our Master began training us in preparation for the class with the intention of having us act as assitant coaches/teachers in the class and from there our bond as shixiongdi strengthened more.  We eventually moved into a small room together and were basically together for every moment of the day - sunrise to sunset to sunrise - for the next five years.  We trained together, ate together, had fun together, fought together, traveled together, but we also argued and got annoyed with eachother's idioscyncracies, etc.  

The bond that is built between shixiongdi is an enduring one.  

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