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Student and assistant coach at Tang Long Chinese Culture Centre, LONDON, UK

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Mark Omfalos

Student and assistant coach at Tang Long Chinese Culture Centre, LONDON, UK

"I was privileged to study Wudang Kungfu under the expert tutelage of Master Zihe during his 6-month stay in London. From the first class, I felt incredibly motivated and inspired to dedicate myself to the practice. In my opinion, what makes Master Zihe unique is his deep appreciation of Chinese language, culture and history and how this applies to the martial arts and Daoist practice as a whole. I found the training to be challenging but safe, with students given the tools and knowledge to push for greater strength, flexibility, agility, power without risking injury. I would also describe classes as fun and educational.


Master Zihe gives special attention to really explaining the reason and purpose behind each of the movements, as well as how to employ the correct posture and breathing for maximum benefit, all the time keeping students engaged and interested. It is clear that Master Zihe's skills and experience are hard-won, and his perfectionism and the values he promotes are inspirational and life-changing. Master Zihe definitely made a deep and lasting impression on me and my fellow classmates. I wholeheartedly recommend training under Master Zihe."

Executive Director of the Shaolin Luohan Institute in OAKLAND, CA, USA


Sheldon Callahan

Executive director of the Shaolin Luohan Institute, OAKLAND, CA

"Master Jeff Reid is an exemplary martial artist and teacher. I have been following him and his journey at Wudang for quite some time before we met and was already impressed by his skill as an artist. When I finally had the pleasure and opportunity to host him at our temple I was even more impressed by his kindness, down to earth manner, and thorough teaching style.


His class is very rigorous but calm and evenly paced. His knowledge is as deep as it is wide and he was able to reach students of all levels and had them all performing at a high level. I highly recommend him as an instructor and martial artist."

Student of 16th generation Sanfeng Lineage Disciple Alex Mieza in TENERIFE, SPAIN


Ada Pérez Montesdeoca

Student of Sanfeng Lineage disciple, Alex Mieza - TENERIFE, SPAIN

"I had the opportunity to take part in a two-day seminar held in Tenerife, 21 and 22 February, where we learned the Wudang Fuhu Quan form.  I regard intensive seminars as great training experiences, and I enjoyed this one very much. I couldn’t help but regret a bit that time passed so quickly.  I’d say that the development of the course was quite dynamic, alternating explanations, practise and short breaks. I really appreciated the emphasis Jeff laid on the importance of doing things correctly, even while stretching or practising some simple Qigong exercises at the end of the session.


I liked his explanations concerning movements and mechanics and those about applications of them as well, which impressed me very much owed to its sophisticated character, revealing deep human body knowledge behind. The most difficult or problematic actions of the form, such as kicks or sweeps were practised separately, which I also liked a lot. Regardless of each one’s level, Jeff tried to give everyone a key, an idea to focus on and get a better understanding of the movement.


While it is natural for Jeff, the fact that he refers to actions, applications, diverse aspects of the practise in Chinese language and illustrates its meaning (this may sound frivolous, as if this could be some product which is being advertised, but) provides let’s say kind of a more authentic experience, allowing (at least neophytes, such as myself) to catch some glimpses of such a distant and in so many aspects absolutely unknown culture.


I’d describe Jeff as close, dedicated and stimulating. I’ve valued his comments about his personal training experience, his eagerness to share his knowledge, how he kept an eye on every one participating and took care of individual mistakes and difficulties. I’ve benefited from highly valuable learnings and corrections, which I’ve taken into consideration in my usual practice.  I’d say with no doubt that this experience has made an impact on me and I just feel so glad and grateful to have had this chance."

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Student of Wudang living in OXFORD, UNITED KINGDOM

Giles Yeates

"I contacted Sifu Zihe for private tuition, following the recommendations of other experienced Wudang teachers and practitioners, all of whom had said Jeff was the most accomplished Wudang San Feng Pai practitioner in the West. It was amazing to see such a grand claim justified, Zi He is an inspiring practitioner to watch. However in addition to his considerable skill across all aspects of the San Feng Pai curriculum, it was equally comforting to discover his warmth, humour and accessibility as a teacher.


        We worked on Xuan Zhen Quan together across a number of long sessions, and Jeff provided clear instruction, attention to detail to facilitate optimal learning, and motivated and encouraged me in just the right way for my needs to allow me to complete these sessions and progress in a short period of time. We have a real Wudang treasure here in the UK now, make the most of him while you can!"


Illustrator, writer and lover of life. LONDON, UK

Lola Awada

"There are teachers and there are teachers. There are the okay ones and the good ones, and then there are those who give you a piece of themselves in every lesson. Those are the great ones. They are few and far between and Rui Zi He is one of them. 


I’m not saying this lightly, I’m silently very demanding of all my teachers because my personal belief is that a truly good teacher will instinctively know what to do, and this will never be the same thing with one student as with the other. Zi He has this gift, that of knowing how to relate to each of his students in a slightly different albeit always effective manner. Even in his group classes, he personalises his approach to each of his students, discretely, but noticeably.  Teaching is an art, it can be exhausting, but Zi He always does it with such zest and energy that inevitably some of this is transferred to each of his students. I think there is a sort of current that goes on during his classes, whereby his students instinctively transfer some of their energy (the most positive) to him in return.


What can I say? I love his classes. They are always diverse in structure, but always as intense, energising and fun. He makes you work hard, but you enjoy it, because he is sincerely encouraging and will only push you as far as is reasonable. I have never left any of his classes without feeling I had learned something new, no matter how tiny. Big structures are made of small bricks... He instructs his students not only in the physical side of the art but very importantly in its inner and most vital part too. This aspect of his instruction is particularly dear to me. I feel lucky and blessed to have been able to train with him, and I admire him immensely. Generously attentive, humble, funny and always kind, Zi He gives 200% of himself in every lesson and you just know it’s genuine, and that’s the beauty of it.


Some teachers teach and go. Others plant seeds, and these seeds grow and bloom and create many beautiful things. Zi He is the latter sort. I think by now he has planted forests, and I hope he continues to plant many more."


Students in LONDON, UK

Jerry and Xiangyu Hu

"Jeff is a devoted follower of the practice, of the Dao, teaching by example. In my experience, it is extremely rare to come across a teacher who is so readily willing to show each and every movement repeatedly with such patience and precision. He loves to integrate various analogies, likening our bodies to trees, and using age-old Chinese aphorisms intimately linked to Kungfu. Most importantly, the qualities I value most in him as a teacher are those of continual self improvement in his own attitude and in his hopes for his students, combined with the right dose of kind encouragement and push for each individual."


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