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        Rui Zi He teaches all of the weapons of the San Feng Lineage as well as several other complementary weapons practice.  Wudang is most well-known for its straightsword technique, but is also home to many other weapons and weapon systems including saber, staff, spear, dadao 大刀 (long handled broadsword) and two weapons that are exclusive to Daoist martial arts practice: the Fuchen 拂尘 (Horsetail Whip) and the Fangbianchan 方便铲 (Monk Spade). 


        Rui Zi He teaches four different straightsword routines of the San Feng Lineage as well as various other integrative straightsword routines from other lineages.  A list of some of the different weapons forms taught by Rui Zi He is listed below:


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